Who are We?

Technically this site is owned and operated by MPC Systems:

MPC Systems
PO Box 410246
Melbourne, FL 32904

MPC Systems is a web hosting, web design and site development firm.   They specialize in creating profitable sites and developing web based applications.

But functionally this site is owned and operated by "Rob" and "Maggie".    Rob is the technical artist.   His strength is metal work, finding the correct tools, exploring new unusual techniques, and developing the social aspects of the "Beading Nation".   He is the General Manager of  "Beading Nation" and also the director of product development.    It is his vision to unite the beading and crafting community with one common bond.   That bond being ART.  The founder of the credo "Unity through Art".    Conversely Maggie is the creative director and head of artistic development.    Having been a Jewelry designer for many years, she has had the background and experience to guide the mission towards its goal.    Together our small company has worked to build a web site which is a venue to bring others together.    But as is the case with any member driven site, the heart of "Beading Nation"  has very little to do with the owners or operators, but everything to do with all the talented individuals who come together to fill its empty walls.    Members like yourself, who build this site to its true potential.    We simply set the stage, its up to everyone to fill it with life.

How did this all start?

It all started around 1982 when the "Beading" bug first hit us.  It started with simple designs and limited availability of beads and semi-precious stone products.   As the talents developed so did the hunger for wanting to find out more, wanting to see what is beyond our little corner of the woods.    Its then that we combined two of the great loves we had, "Beading" and "Travel".    At first we started going 40-60 miles from our home base.    Then when we exhausted the available bead stores in that radius, we started to look for Bead stores during our vacations.   We've traveled through most of the eastern coast of the United Startes.   Including most of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, and Mass.   In our travels we have seen many small and large beading shops, and have met many talented artists.  Out of this our bead shop list was born.   First as a tool for us to use in our travels.   But then as the information grew, many others asked us for access to the list.   So we first started creating a way to share the information.  It was not long after this that the idea for the "Beading Nation" was born.   Finally on December 8th, 2010 the site was ready for its grand opening.   Since then we've added features and capabilities, but then this is all just the beginning of the story.   The more information please feel free to contact us or join us in the weekly "Bead Chats".

What do we sell?

This site is not about sales of any form.   As a matter of fact in an effort to Unite different artists who in many cases sell their products, we have made great effort to avoid selling products which may interfere with our member's sales.    The only source of revenue for this site is advertising in the form of Banners and Premium listings.   Also since our parent company is a web hosting company (MPC Systems) another revenue stream is the sale of web pages and web sites to those artists who wish to take advantage of that.    But there are no direct sales of products on "Beading Nation", nor do we sell marketing information to any outside source.   We are firm believers in safe browsing and respect the privacy of our members.